My Singing Monsters Review

My Singing Monsters Review

In the title, you may be forgiven for thinking My Singing Monsters was obviously a beat based rhythm/dexterity title. You might then be blown away to understand that it is park builder such as Dragonvale. It's your job to buy or breed monsters and you guessed it... they sing.

Gameplay during my Singing Monsters is very much like Dragonvale, you will have to get your first couple of monster eggs and hatch them, then it's a process of breeding different combinations to produce new monsters and providing them with food to ensure they are earn more. It's in no way a clone though, there are several major differences. Firstly, your monsters don't need specialized habitats, you can place them anywhere on your own island, instead, monsters occupy bed space within your castle, want more bed space, change your castle. Some monsters use up more bed space than these.

Lots of attention continues to be put into the graphics here, there are many detail not only about the monsters, nevertheless the decorations, the background and also the play field. An awesome little addition is the island appears to be on top of a gigantic monsters head. Every monster is different and well presented and also the menus are evident and very easy to follow. Everything looks like it belongs.

As good as the visuals are though, My Singing Monsters is focused on the sound. Every monster produces a unique sound, on it's own, quite annoying but when combined with all of the others constitutes a complex melody. The tune that's produced by all these apparently random noises is nearly hypnotizing, I discovered myself staring into space a few times when in another sport of this style I would have closed the app and moved on. Obtaining a new monster is even more exciting since you can't wait to find out how it matches the tune, and like other games of this type, some monsters are very rare and extremely challenging to breed.

As an added bonus, when you finally buy your second island you'll notice you not just have use of new monsters, each island features its own specific tune. There are several monsters that be visible on multiple islands but each setting even offers monsters unique compared to that world. Monsters that appear in different islands will make new noises as well, so placing them again gains back it's mystery. Currently you will find 3 islands but more are saved to the way in which. As an extra you can buy a complete song form of each island around the iTunes store, not something I'd go for but can represent interest for some gamers.

There is lots to accomplish in my Singing Monsters, it should take a great deal of time for you to buy everything, keep monsters happy and get all of the islands and monsters. Stability with the app is great, once you open it, it generally stays open however were built with a large amount of trouble sometimes connecting with all the server on startup. Sometimes I used to be unable to open the app for entire days and I hope that will get dealt with soon as I would ever guess many gamers won't have the patience for such huge delays to get for their park. It's this type of shame as otherwise this can be a fantastic title.

I seriously love playing My Singing Monsters, gameplay is varied and relaxed, graphics are detailed and interesting and the sound is put together in the clever and artistic way. 4 stars from me, even though the connection issue may be a deal breaker for many gamers as well as for that alone i used to be tempted to rate lower, I'm only hoping its addressed within the next update.